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What if I upload two copies of the same picture?

Because Ponga is examining every image for faces, we can also detect duplicates.

While duplicates can be annoying, they can also be useful. Since Ponga is examining every image for faces, we also detect duplicates.

Why you might upload duplicates

You might upload the same digital file twice. You might also have an original and a cropped version. Or, perhaps one you got from an aunt, and another from your cousin. Long before digital copying was so easy, images were often copied optically by photo labs by taking a picture of a picture. Since Ponga is using computer vision to examine each image, we can detect duplicates until all of these circumstances.

Why duplicates can be useful

We also realized that there are times when two Ponga pictures of the same base image can be useful. You might, for example, have multiple copies of a wedding picture that include the larger wedding party. (Hey, this is real life. Generational differences are real!) The stories are told and shared with among the cousins might be a little different than the one shared with the grandparents.

You can have two versions of that picture, one for the older generation, another less-filtered version for the younger generation. As long as everyone understands the context, it's all good. You, as the owner who uploaded both images control access. The same applies to language differences, or anything else.

How to recognize duplicates

Since we're still getting to know each other, we decided that we'd take some time to discover what was most important to you. Rather than prevent you from uploading duplicates, we make it pretty easy to detect them.

Pictures are pointers. Ponga is designed so that pictures aren't files and instead are pointers, much the way a web page is. When you find it in your mom's album and add a story, your uncle will see the story because it's also in an album shared with him. Those aren't copies, they're the same picture viewable from two places. When you have three duplicates, and since they have the same people in them so you'll see duplicates in all of the named albums.

To keep the duplicates, we'd recommend changing the titles to something that makes sense for the purpose. One might be "The Wedding Party" while the other is "The Wedding Party, behind the scenes" for example. You'll always see the title of a picture when you mouse-over it in the Library.

To remove duplicates, Just find them in the relevant albums. Here's a tip: it's easiest to find them in the albums of the person who is in the fewest of your pictures. The family friend, for example. You might only have a few pictures of them.

Delete the duplicates by clicking in the red X that appears in the upper right corner when you mouseover them. Note that the mouse-over will also reveal the title (and any variations you might have wanted to keep) as well as the comment count. A picture like the one above will have six comments added by Ponga when names were added to six of the individuals in the picture. The one most recently updated will appear in the upper left corner of the album or Library.

What if I have two copies one I own and one is shared with me? Yep, that can happen in a family for example, if both you and your sister are Ponga members and have both added your own collections of the family pictures to Ponga, and shared them with each other. You'll be able to tell that they're different because

  • An arrow in the corner of the tile viewed in the Library or Album indicates that the picture is shared with you
  • Titles, stories, and even the people identified in the picture might be different.

Learn more about Uploading to Ponga Works.

We're working on some ideas to make this easier in the future and we'd love to get your input.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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