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What image file types are supported?

With your paid membership account, uploading pictures is as easy as drag-and-drop, but you may have a few more questions

With your paid membership, adding images to your Ponga account is as easy as drag and drop. You can select all the photos in a folder on your desktop and add them at once to Ponga. If you have a Guest account because you were invited by a member, you can easily upgrade to membership by clicking on the upload images button, or exploring Membership Options.

What image formats to create Ponga Pictures?

Ponga members can upload images in PNG, JPG, and TIFF file formats, specifically:

  • .tiff  or .TIFF
  • .tif or .TIF
  • .png or .PNG
  • .jpg or .JPG
  • .jpeg or .JPEG

What formats to attach images to comments?

Note that both members and guests can add images to picture comments to tell stories with images of documents, close-ups, and artifacts. These "attached" images, however, are limited to:

  • .png or .PNG
  • .jpg or .JPG
  • .jpeg or .JPEG

Also, talk to us if you need to upload HEIC or other formats. We know a few converters that can help you get that done too. To attach high-resolution images in PDF format, you can usually handle that by hosting the file somewhere else and pasting in a link. See How do I add a document to a Ponga picture?

How many?

Our initial design assumes member accounts of around 10,000 images, Talk to us if you need more than that. We can find a way to accommodate you. If you're just looking for storage, you'll find better deals at elsewhere.

How big?

In short, really big. You can upload image files of any size up to 85MB for any individual file. That's somewhere north of "humungous." If you have a need for image files larger than that, let us know. We'd love to hear about it. If you attempt to upload an images over 85MB, the upload will simply not start.

But what if I'm getting pictures scanned?

Wonderful! We have a number of professional and free institutions that can help you get your images scanned at ponga.com/scan. We're always interested in adding new resources to that list (most with special offers for Ponga members.) If you're working with a scanning resource you recommend, let us know or just have them reach out to us. We'd be delighted to add them to our map as a way to help others.

Last updated:
December 27, 2022
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