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What is face detection, and how is my information kept private?

You're right to be concerned about how face detection works, and whether your information will be kept private. We've got your back.

Ponga uses face detection technology to quickly and easily organize stacks of family photos. We do this by detecting faces and collecting them into albums.

We examine, detect, and collect

When our members add pictures to Ponga, we examine each image to find the distinct patterns of the human face. Our software can detect patterns that represent images of the same person with a measured degree of confidence. We collect all of those that we have a high degree of confidence to be the same person and present them to you in the Gallery.

You put names to faces

When you step through the Gallery you can quickly put names to the faces of people you know. The name is added as a comment to every picture that a person appears in. The collection of pictures is added to a new album that is also labeled with that person's name. Names that you add are completely controlled by you as the owner of the account. When you share pictures, your guests can view all of the names that you've added, but they cannot change them. If they see an error, they can simply add comments to suggest changes.

Albums stay organized

If you add more pictures of that person later, we won't bother you with another round of associating their face with a name. If we have enough confidence that the newly added picture is of the same person you've already named, then we'll just add labels and put the picture into the existing album. If you've chosen to share that album of pictures of that person, every person you've shared the album with will automatically get access to this new picture you've just added as well.

If you'd rather not share every picture you have of a person, you can create a special album of curated photos that might be related to an event (such as a wedding) or time period. Just tap the "Create Album" button to create a new album. Like a picture, each album includes a title and description where you can describe in more detail why you've created the album..

Safety, Privacy & Face Detection

News stories about abuses of face recognition technology appear almost every day. You have reason to be concerned about privacy with any face detection and recognition features. The goal of many applications is to be able to spot faces in publications, social media posts, and surveillance cameras and associate them with private individuals. That's not what we do.

At Ponga, we're creating a better way to organize your pictures and tell stories. To do that, you need a safe space where your data and privacy will be protected. We don't share your pictures or the data associated with the collection of people in your pictures with anyone. Further, we do not use any of your photos, detected faces, or other image attributes for the purpose of training or improving the algorithms, nor do we share this data with any of our software partners.  This means that none of your data is stored anywhere but in our application for your use. More about our privacy policy here.

There are layers of security ensuring that only the owner or those they share with can

  • view and optionally contribute to pictures
  • view the names and reference portraits associated with people in those pictures

An additional layer ensures that only owners can

  • modify the names and reference portraits of people named in pictures.

Data Security

Privacy isn't just about our use policies. It's also about our approach to protecting your privacy. To make the service practical, it is cloud-based. To make it secure, our cloud storage data centers adhere to the highest standards of security.

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Last updated:
March 14, 2023
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