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What pictures are included in my Library?

Your Library includes the pictures you've created plus those you were invited to as a guest.

The pictures that appear in your Library include

  • all of the pictures you created (or uploaded whether you added content to them or not)
  • all of the pictures you've been invited to as a guest

If you were invited as a guest to a picture, but it does not appear in your Library, it is possible that the owner

  1. removed you as a guest to the picture or the album that included the picture.  
  2. the picture has since been deleted or that all shares have been removed.

If you had access to a picture because it was part of an album you'd been invited to, then the owner removes the picture from that album, you will lose access to the picture and it will disappear from your library.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, just drop a question into the Live Chat.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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