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Why can't I create albums?

Only members can create albums. If you were invited by a member to contribute to their pictures, you may be their guest and not a member.

We've designed Ponga around principles of privacy. All pictures are private and members can invite as many guests to view and contribute to those pictures as they like — at no additional cost. Contributors can contribute to individual pictures and the pictures in albums they've been invited to explore. As guests, however, they cannot create their own pictures or albums.

If, as a contributor, you'd like to help a member by creating albums and sorting picture into them for a member, then you'll need to:

1) Upgrade your account to a full membership account. You need to be a member to add pictures to albums, whether they're your own or you're invited to contribute to the pictures in albums another member owns.

2) Ask the member to create one or more albums with you as an editing contributor. As an editing contributor, you can add pictures to the albums owned by other members. The pictures you add can be theirs (if you are already a contributor to those pictures to albums that include them) or they can be pictures you created when you uploaded images to your own account.

We offer both monthly and annual memberships. Note that if you upload and share pictures while as a member, then allow your membership to lapse, your account will revert to a contributor status.

This means that all pictures and albums you uploaded and shared with other members will revert to private and be accessible only to you. This is why we recommend that you ask the member to create the albums with you as an editing collaborator. As a member and contributor to their albums, you can sort their pictures to their album. Those pictures remain in their album even if your account lapses.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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