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How to Manage the Sidebar

The sidebar opens when you select a selection. If your selection is on the far right side of your picture, that gets awkward. No worries!

When you’re editing a Ponga picture and create a selection, a sidebar opens so that you can add comments. If that selection area is in the far right side of the picture, it may roll over your selection area.

This can be surprising, and can get in the way when you need to adjust the selection size.

You can easily move your picture so that you can see both the sidebar and your selection at the same time. Just select the navigation tool (four arrows) and your mouse changes to a hand. Click on any part of the picture to move the picture around. Drag it to the left until you can see both your selection and the sidebar.

Notice that the preview won’t appear for the selection you have selected while the sidebar is open. It will appear for other selections in your picture. Reach out to support@ponga.com or just drop us a note in the chat window if you have questions, we’d be happy to help.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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