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What's Ponga?

  • Automatically organize your pictures by people.
  • Capture & share stories using your voice, video and documents.
  • Privately share pictures with family and friends.

Teamed up to digitize, organize, and share the stories in your pictures.

Ponga turns ordinary pictures into invitations to explore stories.

The Ponga and Larsen services are now integrated so that when you add Ponga to your scanning package. Ponga gets started organizing them for you and sends you an email telling you your Gallery is ready.

Rest assured, Larsen will still return your originals, plus a digital archive — safe as always.

How it works:



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Note: Currently, you must use a desktop computer to make your purchase or explore Ponga pictures.

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Larsen scans your prints, slides, and albums

Larsen uploads your pictures

You join as a member

Ponga: Examines each image for faces, and...

Groups images of each person and...

Presents portraits of each in a gallery.

Then you...

Add Names

Put names to faces quickly and easily

Capture what you know. Ask what you don't.

Everyone labeled, you can see who was there so the stories flow.

Voice, words & media capture the memories passed to you.

Your stories trigger memories and invite contributions from your guests.

Ponga-assembled albums by person make it easy to explore pictures

Share in a private platform safe from prying eyes.

Pictures & albums, can be shared with any number of guests

Put stories into private circulation and rediscover the history that connects you all.

Everyone gets invitations and updates as the stories unfold.