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Pocket Event at RootsTech 2023

RootsTech 2023 | Ponga Pocket: "How I Ponga" with Victoria MacGregor

We'll take a break in our Ponga booth at RootsTech to indulge in a conversation with Victoria MacGregor of VictoriasPress.com about how SHE uses Ponga, in her own version of "How I Ponga." If you missed Lisa Lisson's talk "How I Ponga," you can catch the recording at Ponga.com/howIponga. It's a short-and-sweet webinar format just about 15 minutes long.

There's more. Since many in our Ponga community already know Victoria for her many courses and posts about building family trees in Ponga... we have a special treat:

Victoria's talk will highlight the remarkable artistry of our elfin friend at HouseElvesAnonymous.com. Our house elf has graciously contributed a free digital template as your gift just for attending. See form below.
Steaming Coffee, Ponga logo mug on top of books.
This event was part of our RootsTech programming for 2023. To see more of what we were up to at the show, see Ponga.com/RootsTech. By signing in to view this webinar, we've added you to our list that will keep you informed about upcoming programs. 

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