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Porch Swing at RootsTech 2023

RootsTech 2023 | Porch Swing Community Conversation

Ponga co-founders Barbara and Cameron for an open conversation to exchange ideas, stories, and product feedback. Together, we'll strengthen our community around the Ponga platform. We invite you to join us in discussing best practices, creative ideas, unusual use cases, and special challenges. Through this process, we'll get to know each other better and be inspired for future projects and stories.

As a bonus, we'll share insights about what's in store for us and what we've learned from you over the past year. We hope you can join the conversation as a recording.
Steaming Coffee, Ponga logo mug on top of books.
This event was part of our RootsTech programming for 2023. To see more of what we were up to at the show, see Ponga.com/RootsTech. By signing in to view this webinar, we've added you to our list that will keep you informed about upcoming programs. 

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