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Rhonda Lauritzen| FHW Series

Storytelling Through Your Family Photos

Our first family history webinar featuring Rhonda Lauritzen, professional biographer, interviewer, and the founder of Evalogue Life.

Rhonda Lauritzen, well known in the storytelling and family history world as an expert in teaching us how to get to the real story walks you through questions you would never think to ask! This free webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn more about storytelling and your photos. We'll show you how Ponga can help you preserve family history and memories for generations to come.

You'll learn:

  • Techniques used by a professional biographer and interviewer that you can use at home in capturing the histories of your loved ones.
  • A framework to help you begin an oral history so you can tell your story right now for generations to come.
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This event was part of the Meet Ponga Family History Webinar Series. The special offers included in the program are not currently available. More about these programs at Ponga.com/Events. By signing in to view this webinar, we've added you to our list that will keep you informed about upcoming programs. 

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