September is Save Your Photos Month!

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During the month of September, Ponga is participating with the Photo Managers in an international campaign to highlight the importance of saving photos from fire, flood, and other disasters by taking the time to organize, protect the original artifacts, and most importantly — tell their stories.

We've joined with The Photo Managers to co-sponsor Save Your Photos Month.

This wonderful worldwide campaign is a #30daychallenge that will have the professionals at The Photo Managers, offering an array of online courses, discounts, and education programs about handling your photos. 

In addition to our special pricing and bundle, we've also planned a live Zoomin' on Ponga session with a special guest talking about the art of storytelling. 

During September, get a discount on a 1-year Ponga membership, PLUS private Zoomin' Pod just for you and your extended family!



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During Save Your Photos Month, we'll be joining our friends at

#SaveYourPhotos ⮕ #SaveYourStories 


and others to feature stories saved to our social feeds on InstagramFacebook,  YouTubeTwitter, and Pinterest

Join us and share your own stories!

🤫 Insider tip: Please don't tell, but if you've got a story to share in Ponga, reach out and share it with us, we'll put our very busy gnomes to work to turn it into a video suitable for sharing to public social media. We can't do this for everyone, so don't wait!

You'll always find us our "Audie-bot" in the chatbox

If you'd rather read about Ponga on your own time by printing something out on your own, we've got you covered. Just tap here to download this two-page, tri-fold flyer with the details. 

Reach out on the chat-bot below left if you have any questions. We'd also be happy to schedule a personal tour for you as a Ponga member, guest, or even if you're just Ponga-curious. 

During Save Your Photos month, we'll be hosting a special interview series called "Storytellers & the Photo," conversations with storytellers and experts in the creative art of discovering and telling a story. For more, follow us on Instagram's IGTV, our Facebook page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel

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