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Disconnected from images, memoirs rarely invite engagement

Flash Stories and a Personal Legacy

Disconnected from images, memoirs rarely invite engagement

Today, we’ve learned to expect feedback to be instant. Texting, Instagram, or Facebook have all trained us (and our children) to watch the instant feedback flashing dots “…” — a promise that a reply is coming.

In contrast, memoirs, oral histories, and compiled legacies can take (or seem like they’ll take) forever — if they even get done before an elder’s energy is depleted. Feedback can be disconnected from documents and rarely invites engagement.

Ponga’s approach is to more like “flash stories.” It’s super easy to capture and share the memories of a moment. They might be six-words simple, or they might include a complex narrative. It might not matter.

What does matter is that they are created in a safe, private environment where they can be shared with discretion. When pictures are shared everyone included gets an email notification and the flexibility to respond at their own pace.

Because stories added to Ponga inherently add context to images, they can be a superb complement to larger story arcs and narratives built as part of family remembrances of personal memories. Learn more at

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