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Our pictures will outlive us, what about the stories?

Sharing Stories with Family Near and Far

Our pictures will outlive us, what about the stories?

Pictures capture precious moments, but it’s the memories of those moments that give meaning and life to our favorite photos. Before cellphone cameras and selfies, people wove their family histories with stories, held together by memories and treasured heirlooms.

These days, every moment of our lives can be captured by a snippet of text or the snap of a photo. Pictures will outlast us, but what about the memories and connections to our pictures?

Staying in touch in the 21st century! “even facetimen met mama” by Tommyvos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

With Ponga, you breathe life into your photos with stories and context. A moment in time can be another chapter of your story to be shared with friends and family far and wide.

For transnational families in particular, it’s pictures and the memories they represent that help bond families across oceans and international borders. All families share a sense of unity and crave a connection to their loved ones, and no obstacle should limit that.

Long distance photo-sharing is nothing new. It used to be standard to receive photos in the mail with Grandma’s cursive on the back (detailing as much of the who, when, and where as could fit on the back of a 4x6” photograph!)

Detail added to the back of a photo was the simplest means to contexualize it.
Anecdotes written into photos, the old fashioned way were powerful, combining handwriting with context.

But mail can take days or even weeks, and in today’s digital landscape, it’s texting, email, and social media that have become the preferred way of communicating. On the internet, connection is instant, but we lose the personal touch, like the warmth and “who, when, where” of Grandma’s handwritten notes.

With Ponga, you get the best of both words — and then some.

Ponga gives you the tools to show and tell your stories however and to whomever you choose, and to share them instantly. Not only can you easily share pictures and memories with loved ones, but additional tools like embedded recordings, or automatic text translation can also bridge language barriers, and foster connection.

Photos in Ponga preserve your family history for present and future generations by including your notes and special details in the photo itself.

Anecdotes are written into your pictures, and can be translated into hundreds of languages thanks to compatibility with web translation tools. Imagine writing a note in English that can be read by both family across the boarder in Spanish, and overseas in Mandarin too!

Beyond text, you can even embed stories told by love ones themselves. When you’ve got family members who can really spin a yarn, this tool is indispensable! Use recording functions to capture spoken word within your pictures so you can hear and share those stories forever.

Above all else, we know your content and privacy is important to you — and it’s important to us too. When you use Ponga to tell your stories, those pictures and stories will always be yours. A picture says a thousand words, but only you can tell your story.

Use Ponga to transform your digital artifacts into shared moments and family heirlooms. These are your photos, your families, your memories — we’re just here to help. Just reach out to us in the Live Chat window at the bottom left ⏎, we're happy to walk you through getting started.

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